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Welcome gracious volunteer editors!

This set of Glossary pages is collected and displayed by a "Wiki" which is the form of online software that produces the pages on this website.

Unlike an "open" Wiki, this is a closed Wikimedia installation where the editors have to be approved by the Senior Editor, who will change over time if the project flourishes.

However! in a Wiki editing environment every page is open to be edited by another editor, and if there is a disagreement it gets worked out on "Discussion" or "Talk" page. There is a way you can enshrine your work here in quotes, but an explanation will come a bit later on a different page.

OMG! Do I Have to Learn the Wiki Programming & Editing Language???

No! You can start by opening up one of the existing term that need a definition and writing a short definition of 200 words or less, then saving the edit by 1 scrolling down to near the bottom of the page looking for the subheading "Summary." 2 writing a one word or more Summary in the box ( examples: "fixed typo" "added reference" 3 clicking on the Save Page box at the bottom

Try adding text to one of the definitions in red on this page: Main Page

Or if you are really averse to technology, just send me text via my e-mail in any a common word processing format as an attachment or just paste it in the e-mail itself.

Requirements for being an editor:

Anyone who meets the requirements can apply to be an editor or contributing editor (or even Senior Editor -- I ain't no spring chicken).

  • Folks with a PhD, in a PhD program, or anyone who has a published a paper, journal article, or chapter in a peer review outlet; or had a book published by a scholarly publisher, or paper accepted for presentation at an academic annual meeting. No exceptions.

If you already know one of my many e-mail addresses, please send me an e-mail request to be an editor.

If you applied via Facebook, please send me a message from inside the Facebook messaging system with the e-mail address you plan to use here which will remain totally private.

I will require some form of proof you qualify, but don't overthink this, it can be any of the following:

  • A link to your page at a college or university or other academic center.
  • A Link to a book that is on WorldCat or Amazon and features your name.
  • An e-mailed copy of a bio or syllabus or similar artifact.

Or anything else you think will satisfy on of the requirements listed above.

Structure of a page

  • Short quickie definition (200 words or less)
  • Longer major definition
  • Sections of more extensive information
  • References & Links
  • Cross References

Here is a great example from Wikipedia:Definitions of Fascism

How do I know it is accurate you ask? Because it is from a from a static page "Pemalink" which is a logged version that I inspected and then picked the "Permalink" to the specific edited version.

Note that there are a variety of cross references.

This is just a basic overview. For more information click on [New Editors Help] or the [Help Pages at the Wiki Help Website] Which reside at the top of the Left Column: